The short version: 


Wife. Mother. Teacher. Proud Texan. Havanese lover. British television addict. College football fanatic. Oxford comma user.

The long version:


According to Suzy's mom, it started in first grade with a poem about a bubble. Suddenly she was a writer! In third grade she fell hard for Judy Blume. By fifth grade, she was reading every Judy Blume book she could get her hands on and writing stories under the sophisticated pen name, Lucky Lemon Lollipop. In high school, she crafted her own version of Thornton Wilder's Our Town, which her sophomore English teacher printed off and taught as a companion piece for many years. By her senior year of high school, she was hooked on iambic pentameter and trying her best to emulate Chaucer. 

Then college and marriage and motherhood happened...and writing was moved to the proverbial back burner. Yet as she approached her forties, the need to be creative again began to consume her. She sat down one day, without an inkling of direction, and started writing. Before she knew it, she'd written a 280K word epic novel!


Yeah, right. Like anyone's interested in publishing that. 

So, she's spent the last few years writing appropriately sized novels and novellas that focus on romance. Recently she's found success on Wattpad, where her romantic comedy, Chasing Mr. Crown, has logged over a million reads. She is in the process of querying and hopes to connect with an amazing literary agent.


Suzy lives in Houston with her husband, Jeff. She is the mother of two amazing young adults, Jack and Meredith. She's a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and teaches elementary PE.


Author Photographs: © Meredith England Photography