How do you make your writing dream come true?

Write. Write. Write.

And write some more.

When Suzy joined Wattpad back in 2015, she had no idea how instrumental the online writing community would be in making her publishing dream come true. After years of secretly writing fan-fiction online, she was encouraged by a friend to enter a Wattpad contest - grand prize being a publishing contract. Her romantic comedy, Chasing Mr. Crown, made the Top 25, but ultimately didn't win. The support she received from the online community, however, was overwhelming and that initial story lit a fire that has since led to seven works published on the Wattpad platform. Suzy has a small but loyal following and is happy to be penning her eighth work - a 1st person Women's Fiction narrative (a major departure from her 3rd person comfort zone). 

In May 2019, Suzy received the Wattpad DM that would change her life. Rebecca, a Wattpad reader and student from the University of Southern Queensland (that's Australia, y'all!) reached out with an interesting offer. She asked permission to submit Suzy's novella, The Weekend, for a project in her Editing & Publishing class. Several novellas would be submitted and the class would vote to take the winning work through the entire book publishing process. Suzy enthusiastically agreed, submitted her novella, and three weeks later was informed that her novella had been selected by the class. 

Right now, in Queensland, Australia, a group of university students and their professors are polishing up The Weekend - editing, creating cover art, developing marketing plans - full scale everything! Later this year, The Weekend will be published by Black Phoenix Publishing Collective in partnership with the USQ coursework. By Christmas, Suzy will finally hold a real book with her name on the cover. 


Author Photographs: © Meredith England Photography