“I can't deny the fact that you like me,

right now, you like me."

                                                   ~Sally Field

Your name on a book is enough guarantee of how lovely it is. I will read anything with your name on it no matter what genre because I'm sure of my mind being blown away. Your writing style is simple and beautiful, your descriptions are so vivid i can feel them and the characters, oh, what amazing men and women live in the pages of your books. It's as if these books have cast a spell on me. We are honored to have your books on such a platform as this because otherwise, I doubt we would afford them. Keep writing and writing, Suzy, some of us cant last a day without your books.

Much love from Kenya and God bless you!!!!

I just want to compliment on your amazing work. I'm no expert on book criticism , but rather just a teenager that is in a stage of reading alot of romance. Your books are the type of books that stick. Some nights, when I think about every possible thing that keeps me miserably awake, I think of your books. Mostly I think about the parts that made me cry, and if my imagination takes a wild spin on the story, still makes me want to cry. But other times I also think about the happy parts: the picnic he took her on, the lunches they shared, (most) of the ends where they live happily ever after or (my favourite) when they meet who is behind the mask. These are the type of books that I am happy to have stuck in my head and to also carry these love stories with me. Thank you.

Your books are all amazing! Every one of them has brought tears to my eyes and a craving to read the next chapter. Thank you for that :)

You truly are a magician. I fall in love with your books over and over again and i'm proud to say i'm one of your fan. Though it's still mindboogling to me as to why your books haven't receive the attention they deserve. Please, don't ever stop writing.

Alright, as I said I only downloaded this app earlier today, and have chatted a little with you on CMC... but I thought I would also show my support here. Again, I absolutely adored CMC and have added The Weekend to the top of my reading list. I am an avid reader and will read most things... if they are well written... And CMC was very very well written. Fabulous characters and plot, I don't believe you could have made it any better.


Thank you for sharing your work!

Where have you been all my life,,, you're books are so surreal.....i read all of them at a go. .you're really talented and I can totally relate to the weekend You show that were only human and we all have our flaws,,,, thank you so much I really needed that reassurance and I found it in your writing....


Be blessed...


Suzy, you are a phenomenal writer. Absolutely phenomenal. I'm in awe of your writing. Your writing is so mature and you depict human emotions so well. The book is so touching and beautiful. Your book is downright unputdownable. I'm short of adjectives to describe your writing. It's the first book of yours that I have read. I'm surprised that this book hasn't been published yet. You are a "New York Best Selling Author" type. I have loved your book. All the very best and write more such wonder books.

With lots of love and admiration,


Hi....I read 'a singing bird will come' and 'one last request'....they were really good.....especially the former, I wasn't expecting the twists....and your style made it so easy to read..it felt like a movie... To keep it short, thank you for gifting me two beautiful books that took me away when I needed to go and brought me back calm and happy with your talent. Cheers!

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED 'The Weekend'. It's hands down my favorite book on Wattpad...especially because it made me cry the way i do when i watch The Notebook. Chasing Mr. Crown is also one of my favorites seeing as i read it like 3 times about to be 4 lol. Now i cant wait to read the new story you're working on.

Hey! Just wanted to brag on how awesome "Chasing Mr. Crown" is. This by far has to have been my favorite book I've ever read. Especially on Wattpad. I love your writing techniques and the jokes and just everything about your book. It was brilliant! I wanted to thank you for writing such an awesome book! Keep up the amazing work! I will for sure be reading more of your works.

Amazing job with CMC. Currently reading The Weekend. Your books won't let me focus on anything else. All I look forward to is for free time to catch up on my reads. Thank you for entertaining me with your writings. But one questions, when is the sequel to CMC coming out? Surely there is one right? There should be, I need more of Natalie and Dash in my life!!!

You are an amazing writer. CMC is one of the best books I've ever read..and not just on Wattpad. I don't usually post messages but I just HAD to tell you that I absolutely love your work and maybe you should think of publishing this...and please keep writing many more such wonderful books.

Dear Ma'am,


I feel obliged to call you ma'am because for all you know I could easily envision you as Miranda from CMC with the same Sasha Fierce attitude and the totally adorable charms that I first got when I (i) read your book (ii) read your bio. Your book got me hooked, though I was looking for an easy ungodly-hour read, but sad to say my hormones are raging and I feel pretty sleepless after having finished CMC at an even more ungodly hour ;) Loved your writing, and I'm pretty sure that I'm hooked enough to not go not read your other books. Sad(hell amazing) to say your book hooked me enough full on that I pretty much forgot to vote on a few chapters as my eagerness couldn't wait for my little hand to click on that golden star. So seems like I have to go all the way back and do it again in the near future (not that I would complain of it :P ) So thank you for taking your time to read this message drafted at an extremely ungodly hour in my place (sorry for the over usage of -ungodly hour- in various degrees) and hope that you keep spreading your charm.




You are one of the greatest authors on Wattpad. CMC and The Weekend are masterpieces. Hope you write more stories.

dear author,


i just finished the weekend. it's easily one of the most beautiful things i have read here. thank you for this story. i just wanted you to know how alive and heartbroken you have made me feel with this masterpiece you have written.


thank you.

joy g.

Chasing Mr. Crown was wonderfully written. I enjoyed every single moment of it. Usually when I read books on Wattpad I have moments when I lose interest. This book captivated my attention so well. I just read it in one sitting. The character development was great. The story line was well planned. I actually envisioned movies scenes while reading this book. Very well done! I applaud you! I plan on reading more of your work!

I just finished reading Chasing Mr.Crown and it was by far the best book that I have read in a long time. I have never been so effected emotionally by a book before, I felt everything from heartbreak to complete and utter joy. Please please please write a sequel, I can guarantee that I would read it in a heartbeat.

I just clicked on this story randomly on my home page here, and I could not stop reading. To put this in context, Its almost 4a.m. here and I have to be up in two hours to get my kid off to school. What else is required of great writers? I think you have it all. Thank you for sharing this great love story with us all.

Of all the books I've read on Wattpad "The Weekend" is by far my favorite! You are a fabulous writer, that takes the reader on an emotional adventure right with the characters.

Oh Hello! Could you please, please consider writing a Matthew and Mary--Downton Abbey story? Please!

This really left me with so many mixed emotions. You are an awesome writer. I haven't found a novel that has touched my heart like this one did. And the fact that it's a book within a book, just amazing. I really enjoyed reading this story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I'm afraid it's not going to be possible for me to resist the urge to simply move on and continue reading, long enough to comment on each chapter. However, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how incredible this story is. I haven't quite been able to put it down for more than a few moments. And frankly as a book junkie and a stickler for romance, those are obvious signs if I must admit that you my friend are indeed an excellent writer

This is the second book I've read, after A Single Drop, and I absolutely enjoyed it! I love the movie quote guessing and the intriguing twists in the story. But what I love most is that it's a believable mature love story. It's so rare to find mid-forties and above lead characters in a story, and that makes it so refreshing. Thank you, thank you for another work well done!

This was sooo beautiful. I can't even begin to describe how amazing the whole story was. You are an amazingly talented writer. I sincerely hope this gets published. Hoping to read more of your work.


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