This was absolutely beautiful. So well written. The characters, scenery, the emotions were in 3D. I hated when real life forced me to stop reading for a while. You are an amazing author.

~Wattpad Reader, July 2016

This was wonderful! I have come to adore each and every character in this book- the absolutely fabulous Noah and Miranda being my favourites. And of course, Dash, Colt, Natalie, Kate and the rest of them. Even the cab drivers and waiters were hopelessly sweet! Squad goals, honestly. Loved every minute of it! This has joined my list of Wattpad favourites, tbh. Great writing.

~Wattpad Reader, July 2016

I just love the way you paint the characters. It's like I'm right there in the room with them. Your descriptions are wonderful!

~Wattpad Reader, July 2016

Utterly excellent! The emotions you weave throughout your work -- those of your characters became mine! I am awed by your ability to craft such rich stories. Bravo!!!

~Wattpad Reader, May 2017

Oh man, this was too good. The letters were raw and real and I could feel the pain. Amazing story.

~Wattpad Reader, September 2017

What a beautiful story! I love how honest it is, so real. I couldn’t leave a comment after each chapter because I couldn’t wait to get to the next one and find out what happened next.

~Wattpad Reader, May 2018

I love the way you pen down the purity of love. You are an amazing writer!

~Wattpad Reader, June 2018


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