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Chasing Mr. Crown

Alone at her favorite pub, magazine editor Natalie Powell contemplates a new life that's poised to begin in twenty-four hours. With her flat packed and her ex out of her mind, she downs a celebratory martini, wondering what adventures await her in New York City. But a handsome, blue-eyed stranger on the bar stool beside her interrupts her quiet evening. After several drinks and a whirlwind night on the town, Natalie abandons her morals and spends her final hours in London in the arms of this nameless, exciting man.


Fast forward one year and Natalie still can't shake the mystery man from her thoughts. She knows they're destined to meet again. She just never expects it to be on the arm of her carefree artist sister, Kate. Completely torn, Natalie must find a way to honor the sister she loves and to heal her broken heart at the same time.

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The Weekend: A Novella
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What happens when the secrets of your past suddenly become the plot of a best-selling novel?
Successful restaurateur Clark McCullough has planned the ultimate proposal to his girlfriend of three years, acclaimed actress Erica Landry. Together in New York in the days before Christmas, Clark has snow on the streets, the rink at Rockefeller Center on reserve, and the perfect suite at The Peninsula. With Erica away at publicity engagements, Clark busies himself inside a Manhattan Barnes & Noble. He's beyond shocked when his browsing uncovers the hottest new title of year--a novel called The Weekend. A novel dedicated to him...written by the one woman in Clark's past that he could never have. The one woman he's never gotten over.
One Last Request 

Can a dying man's last wish give birth to a second chance at love?


Nolan Crawford has devoted his entire adult life to his father, country music legend Dale Drayton. From managing his career and finances, to supporting his stints in and out of rehab. Now, Nolan finds himself in the most challenging position yet -- dealing with the loss of his father to an aggressive form of cancer. In a meeting with their attorney, Nolan is shocked to learn that his famous father has made one last request -- to have his son and former daughter-in-law sprinkle his ashes in the Mediterranean waters off the island of Rhodes. Memories rush to the surface, transporting Nolan back to idyllic days spent on Greece's dazzling beaches with the only woman he ever truly loved. Nolan hasn't seen or spoken with his ex-wife, Mary Grace Marlowe, in twenty years. He has no idea she's living a quiet life in upstate New York, teaching interior design at prestigious Cornell (and conveniently engaged to the university's president, Les Covington). Will the news of Dale's death bring them back together? Or has the passage of time been unable to heal their collective wounds?

A Singing Bird Will Come

A proposal of marriage, a pending divorce, and a Christmas Eve tragedy will change the lives of strangers Jay Avery and Claire Jordan in ways they never imagined. 

Alone on Christmas Eve, San Francisco biochemist-turned-cosmetics magnate Jay Avery prepares to iron out the details of what he hopes will be a quiet divorce from his surgeon wife, Hope Rosenberg. On the other side of the Bay City, acclaimed photographer Claire Jordan eyes the final gift under the tree--a tiny box she suspects holds an engagement ring from her media mogul boyfriend, feisty Brit Calvin Butterworth. As the night wears on, strangers Jay and Claire have no idea that their lives are about to intersect in the most unexpected way.

Let No Man Put Asunder.jpg
Letters for Lucien

Take the epistolary journey with newlyweds Mathew and Sunny as they prepare to become first-time parents. Their heartfelt letters to their unborn child give honest insight to their collective joys and fears about life, love, and loss. 

A Single Drop of Rain

England, 1919.

A country estate the size of Chadfinch is not without its secrets, as Maggie Truelock and George Boyle can attest. In their time working side by side as housekeeper and butler they've collected a few of their own. When Maggie falls ill, George is stricken as well--with the realization that he might lose the woman he's secretly loved for over twenty years. But Maggie has a secret of her own--one she's kept hidden from  everyone. Will her past finally catch up with her, threatening her future with George? 

Perfect: A Novel of Imperfection

Handsome and charismatic Will Abbott has always had a bit of the Midas Touch. Selling computer components from his college dorm room in the eighties, he amassed a small fortune which he later grew into a vast, diverse international business covering a dozen different industries. When his wife, Tessa, a former therapist and social worker, gleans the national spotlight with her runaway best selling novel - one she penned in three weeks on a dare - Will can't help but feel jealous. His touch of celebrity is suddenly waning in the shadow of his wife's unexpected fame. Will he be able to cope with feelings of jealousy and resentment...especially with the return of someone from Tessa's past? 

Everyone thinks Will and Tessa have the perfect marriage. 

We all know there's no such thing as perfect.


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